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Hello people, my name is Denis Makkonen and I write about music, everything that surrounds it, will it be the singer, the show itself, or any other component of the music business. I consider writing articles about music as my hobby, I live in Finland, Helsinki and work as an structural architect in a building company. I Know my job is nowhere near my hobby, but I think that such contrast in my life is the reason for which I stay positive, I have a job that I’m interested in and have a hobby which keeps me interested in the world around me. In fact I wanted to be a musician when I was a kid, I played guitar and violin, but then I realized that I didn’t have that much talent needed to be a good musician and made up my mind to follow a profession that satisfies my interests, both financially and personally. Now I perceive my hobby as a part time job because I’m fully dedicated to it, I choose a country and a genre I’m interested and search for the specific artist, when I find one, I try to inquire into his musical world, I enjoy not only listening to good music, but further going on a quest to try to understand the artists life, I believe that artist is not solely what he sings, but the whole personality traits make up to a full picture of him. Of course I’m not a professional journalist that specializes in writing about music industry and because of that I expect my readers to accept my articles with a grain of salt, but nevertheless I try my best to portray an artist as objectively as possible. I won’t proceed any longer with the introduction and cut to the chase and name the musician I got interested with the last time

The artist I will be reviewing today is Bera Ivanishvili, a young Georgian pop singer, who in his early twenties already received the recognition he deserves. Although Bera is from Georgia, he was born and raised in Paris, France. He started his music career in teen years, because he was self-assured from the early age, that he wanted to be a musician. Beras dedication is fascinating, because at the age of 21 he already released four albums, from which three songs reached number one in the Georgian hit parade, songs like “Dreams” and “Tickets to the movies”, not mentioning the other songs which were constantly in the top 10 in the ratings. Bera has a special characteristic that I appreciate in artists, and that is the desire to always progress on the way, in his interviews Bera says that he doesn’t stop learning, every step he takes forward is a new lesson for him, and he uses every opportunity to elevate his experience. Here’s a list of instruments that Bera can play : a guitar; violin; drums and piano. The great part in his music is that, Bera tries to add instrumental elements to the song by himself, he plays drums in his song “dreams” and the guitar solo in “Tickets to the movies” is written and performed by him. Now Bera is on a stage, where he is his own producer, experience he got from working with two giant producers Rob Fusari and Rodney Jerkins made him decide to dive deep into the producing business and he has been going strong by now, because his new album “I promise” quickly became a sensation.

Beras primary genre is pop although he started his career as a hip-hop artist, with songs like “Hip-Hop Waltz” he made sure to leave his mark in the rap game but now his music transformed into more romantic, down-tempo style. I saw him perform in Estonia, Tallinn two months ago and that’s where I got interested in his music, because from the moment he started performing, everybody standing there knew that he was born to do this. An incident occurred while he was performing, two men started fighting near the stage, and just as the security approached to kick them out of the concert, Bera stopped singing, jumped down in the crowd and resolved the conflict by himself, this tells you a lot about Beras personal responsibility and respectfulness towards his listeners.

For me the pinnacle of a person’s artistry is his ability to perform live, Freddie Mercury was a great performer, because he knew how to entertain the crowd, he knew how to indulge the whole stadium in his music and it was not accidental that on Beras concert people felt connected to him as well. Bera performed his song “Dreams” two times, by the request of the crowd and at the second time everybody was singing with him. On the basis of foretasted things I strongly advise to listen to his music.

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With the surge of application games, and informal video gaming as a whole as a significant subset of the Run 3 industry, a range of styles have actually turned up that didn’t exist formerly. Among those genres is the run game, or the running video game. Easy to play and easy to understand, these games all include different skins as well as various themes, however ultimately they all have basically the very same idea.

What Are Run Games?

The short answer is that a Return Man 2 is a game where a gamer guides a running number through an obstacle program as that personality is gone after by some sort of danger. It could be an astronaut running from aliens, a miner getting away a collapse, or practically any other type of circumstance. The motif is the same though; there is a personality fleeing from some hazard, and also the gamer needs to help the personality by directing them around obstacles that would otherwise flatten or eliminate them, leaving them in the path of the important things that’s chasing it.

Some Run Game Examples

Probably one of the most well-known run video games duck life 2 out there at the moment is Holy place Run. Developed by Imangi Studios, this game has had actually a number of versions launched for the iPad, iPhone and also other gadgets.

Other games such as 2048 Cupcakes and also its follows up, Checkpoint, Cave Run, as well as other games all adhere to the same, fundamental styles of this countless running game genre. Whether it’s defeating feet with a dark cave or dashing at superhuman speed through a city to defuse bombs, a game constantly boils down to the exact same quick reflexes as well as sensation of what’s taking place when it comes time for a gamer to reach the last degrees.


The controls of any type of Free Play impossible quiz video game are very easy. For video games where gamers see a side-scrolling jogger there’s normally bit even more compared to a dive button and a slide button; one to go over obstacles and also one to go under them.


In running games there’s just one thing that players of cubefield should appear in advance; quick reflexes and also a rapid eye. For gamers that have a fast jerk response as well as that could mash the best switch in the right instructions, these games are basically one, huge double-quick time occasion that duplicates over and over once more.

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There’s no factor to invest a lot of cash to play run Online Games, specifically given that most of them are informal video games at best. That’s why we have all the most popular run games offered on our internet site and open to the public.